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Copeland Winter Spiced Apple & Blackcurrant G&T

Copeland's Winter Spiced Apple & Blackcurrant Gin is first and foremost best enjoyed as a classic gin and tonic.

With only four ingredients required, this traditional twist on a classic G&T embodies the character and colour you'd expect from an artisan product with flavour combinations that surprise and excite.

35 ml Copeland Spiced Apple & Blackcurrant Gin
150 ml Premium Indian or Clementine Tonic
1 slice Clementine
1 stick Cinnamon

This one is simple:

Using a Copa or tall gin glass pour 35 ml of Copeland Spiced Apple & Gin into your glass, followed by a handful of ice. Top with 150 ml premium tonic water. Finally garnish with a slice of clementine and stock of cinnamon.

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