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We believe everybody and everything has a unique story, and here at Copeland we are no different. Our people, our product, our place - there’s a story behind it all. We think these stories deserve to be told.

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Copeland Spirits, like many genius ideas, started with a spark of inspiration. Gareth Irvine was in his final year at Ulster University, when one of his business courses challenged him to ‘hypothetically’ create a business. With the concept of sustainability ingrained on his mind, a close relationship with his uncle who was a whisky distiller and a passion for spirits, Gareth started to explore the idea of creating gin using local produce from Northern Ireland. Gareth wanted to redefine the craft and consumption of gin in a way that would challenge the status quo and bring innovation to our customers.

Copeland Spirits is now a thriving brand run by a small group of young gin enthusiasts. Our focus is on creating surprising, fresh and artisan gin spirits. Our spirits are produced, field to bottle, in County Down and infused using our bespoke hand-crafted process. Turning and mixing the fruit every few days allows us to control and instil quality into every bottle.

Locally Sourced Ingredients

Copeland Gin is a unique handcrafted infusion of locally sourced fruits combined with our own premium gin. The botanicals in our base gin have been carefully selected to complement the local fruit botanicals which we source from the fields of County Down. The result is a natural ‘ginfusion’ which not only tastes great but has the added benefit of supporting local farmers and producers.

Supporting local farmers not only assists the sustainability of our land but it connects us with local people in more ways than just gin.

Our Founders

Copeland Spirits was founded by Gareth Irvine in the Summer of 2016. But we have a number of Founders who were also the driving force behind the formation of Copeland Spirits. Gareth successfully raised £30,000 through online crowdfunding in the Summer of 2016, securing funds from over 390 Founders who pledged between £50 and £500 in return for bottles of gin and other Copeland rewards. These Founders were instrumental in allowing Gareth to bring Copeland Gin to market, taking a chance on the new products based solely on the brand values and story.

Meet the Team

Gareth Irvine   | - Copeland Spirits Team
Gareth Irvine || Founder
Tim McKee  | - Copeland Spirits Team
Tim McKee || Brand Development Manager
Zoe McCleery  | - Copeland Spirits Team
Zoe McCleery || Marketing Manager